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2727 Paces Ferry Road, Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30339 ( Bld. One)




FieldPrint Location

Monday to Friday

The show must go on, yes we are open dispite Corona Virus 19

 FBI form #258 Fingerprint cards & other cards 

If you or your company needs someone to physically go to a location that is a property, business, vehicle or other establishment ATL Notary offers field service inspector authentication of the legitmacy and location of the business or residence.

We do ask that you inform the business or person being inspected for legitmacy and authenication of location be notified prior to our visit . Prices for this service range/start at $30 and UP .

We take digital photos of the building inside and outside, office equipment such as computers, copiers, desk, filing cabinets, inventory of retail items, business license, security systems, business vehicles , address on building , mailbox or directory, business cards, flyers, Payment must be recieved within 30days or less we have no problem filling out a W-2 or 1099 forms.

Over 5 yrs experience doing field service inspections working with companies such as NCCI, MetroInspections, Bank of America, Chase and others doing on site inspections with digital cameras, sending in reports online generated at the companies websites. Professional and timely returns, excellent photos and overview of the business,residence,property or item your checking up on. We work with business or individuals who need field services inspectors to verify what business seeking credit reports or services,licenses,titles etc that are provided from you business to business.

We have done inspections from all types of government and industry from Dominos Pizza , to Cobb County government , Fulton County government, Clinics, Banks, Papa Deaux`s seafood resturant, day care facilites, private schools, tire companies, malls,chevrolet car dealerships, new and used car dealerships, electronic stores, clothing stores you name it we have probably inspected it. Great with customers, dresse in business casual or better, we handle business! Below are examples of some but not all the type of photos we provide for our customers in need of someone to on site inspect a property,business,merchandise, etc.

Notary/Travel/Livescan Fees

Notary/Travel/Livescan Fees