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2727 Paces Ferry Road, Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30339 ( Bld. One)




FieldPrint Location

Monday to Friday

The show must go on, yes we are open dispite Corona Virus 19

 FBI form #258 Fingerprint cards & other cards 

I-9 Employment Verification form Notarized: Remote Hire I-9 Compliance $15.00 paper only and $20.00 if I-9 is by computer and paper includes, notary and administrative/processing fees

For certain types of jobs and employment you will need to complete and have a I-9 Employment Verification form notarized, which consist of more than just the notary signing and stamping your document. We have completed hundreds of these for people seeking that long sought after job. We have experience in the ins and outs of the process, not all notaries are willing to do I-9 because they lack the knowledge of how to complete them or the company they are employed with are not willing to take the liability or spend time doing them since its more than a minute or two. For I-9 forms that need to be done by computer and paper please bring your laptop, tablet, or other device for getting on the Internet. ( we do not retrieve your links or email info on our computers due to virus vulnerability, we DO go to the website of the employer gives to complete the I-9 by computer ) we have internet access for your computer.

Thats where we come in , I-9 Employment Verification forms area problem just be sure to have the instructions your employer provided you with to give to the notary.

Also keep all the paper work and list of acceptable forms of identification. ( Please ensure they are current and very legible/ replace or renew any that are expired or damaged enough where it makes recognition hard or impossible) $20.00 computer and paper processing( $15.00 paper process none computer usage I-9) only fee in office, but we also provide mobile service if time permits NOTE to come to any location other than our office there is a mobile fees on top of the $20.00 electronic & paper combined I-9 just paper only $15.00 I-9 form completion and notarization , fee for traveling to your location varies based on time of day, distance, parking fees if applicable and weekend/holidays ( weekend and holiday service sometimes available but is not a guarantee service will be available)

Call (770) 249-3083 our pre recorded information line which will inform you of walk-in times and if Saturday or Sunday is available the weekend for the week ending that Friday. At our discretion sometimes we provide service out side of our Jefferson St location. Weekend service location may vary but is generally done at a Wendy s near 6 flags over Georgia amusement park